LBC President Kerry Allen

Welcome to Louisville Bible College! I am truly excited you have chosen to look at LBC. You couldn’t have
chosen a better time than now to consider her for your educational endeavor.
Right now LBC is in a time of renewal. This catalog covers the academic year of 2020-21, which is my first
full school year as President. I must say I am excited to be here. I am surrounded by a dedicated staff and
faculty whose love for God is passionate and genuinely expressed to our students. God has blessed us
with a Board of Regents who are faithful to Him and who are committed to following Christ in the way that
makes LBC the best she can be.
Coming to LBC ensures that you are going to be offered the opportunity to be educated where the Word of
God is the main text book, and serving Christ is our aim for you. LBC is laser focused on her mission of
educating preachers and other workers for Christ’s church. This mission meets one of the greatest needs
in the world today, and you get to be part of the answer. Wow! What an opportunity awaits you.
Furthermore, at LBC we strive to be family. Most of our classes are small numerically, so professors and
students get to know each other personally. We desire to have our facilities convey a “homey” atmosphere.
Also, we look for ways to have closer social interaction and do life together. Spiritually, of course we are
family if we are properly connected to Christ. Therefore, at LBC we seek to nurture those spiritual
relationships with Christ and each other through regular chapel services and Christian service.
You will also find LBC to be flexible in her class scheduling. There are classes which meet on-campus
during the weekdays. We also offer night classes, classes which meet one day a month, and modules
which meet only one Friday night and all day Saturday. As we are able, we also offer Outreach Classes
(classes which are held at an off-campus site). If you’re not looking for full-time student status, you will find
this flexible schedule will allow you to take even one class on a regular basis. If you need employment
during your college days, Louisville is a metropolitan area offering opportunities to work while you attend
LBC. On-campus housing is limited, but there is some available.
Look through the Catalog. Visit the campus. But above all, PRAY. Seek what God wants you to do to best
prepare yourself for His service. My prayer is that His answer for you will be LBC.
Yours thru Jesus

Kerry Allen