LBC Faculty & Adjunct Faculty

Kerry E. Allen, Adjunct

B.A., Bluefield College of Evangelism; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; Cincinnati Christian University.

Dr. Jason A. Anderson, Assistant Professor of Bible

A.S.L., B.S.L., M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.Div., Cincinnati Christian University; D.Min., Amridge University; Northern Kentucky University.

David Buckham, Adjunct

A.A., B.S., Cincinnati Christian University; M.A., Johnson University; Liberty University; Taylor University.

David R. Cordrey, Professor of Professional Studies

B.A., Cincinnati Christian University; M.Ed., University of Cincinnati.

Timothy L. Dennis, Professor of Bible

B.A., Johnson University; M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Elizabethtown Community College.

Dr. Elaine C. Duncan, Professor of Professional Studies

B.A., J.D., University of Louisville; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; Jefferson Community College.

Dr. Danny R. Gabbard, Sr., Professor of Bible & Theology

B.A., Florida Christian College; M.A.Rel., Anderson University; D.Min., Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary; University of South Florida; Summit Theological Seminary.

F. Delbert Gray, Professor Emeritus of Bible

B.A., Th.M., Louisville Bible College; Cincinnati Christian University.

Joseph P. Hatchett, Assistant Professor of Professional Studies & Bible

B.A., Cincinnati Christian University; M.Min., Kentucky Christian University.

Kenneth R. Kehrer, Adjunct

B.A., Lincoln Christian University; M.R.E., Cincinnati Christian University.

Marlene J. Kehrer, Adjunct

B.S., Cincinnati Christian University; M.S., Walden University; University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Charles W. King, Professor of General Studies & Bible

B.A., Johnson University; M.Ed., Ph.D. candidate, University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; University of Tennessee; Walters State Community College; North Carolina State University; Winston-Salem State University.

Thomas L. Lanham, Adjunct

B.S., Johnson University; M.A., Liberty University; Lexington Community College.

Dr. Timothy R. Lueking, Adjunct

B.S., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; M.Div., Lincoln Christian University; D.Min., Master’s Seminary.

John D. Merritt, Assistant Professor of General Studies

B.A., Flagler College; B.S., Bluefield College of Evangelism; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.S.L.S., University of Kentucky; Cincinnati Christian University.

Marcus A. Mobley, Adjunct

A.S.L., graduate studies, Louisville Bible College; B.S., Cincinnati Christian University; Northern Kentucky University; McKendree Univeresity.

Dr. Tommy W. Mobley, Professor of Professional Studies

B.S., graduate studies, Cincinnati Christian University; M.R.E., D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Kentucky Southern College, University of Louisville; Louisville Bible College.

Larry G. Oetzel, Professor of Bible

B.S.L., Th.M., Louisville Bible College; Eastern Kentucky University.

Andrew L. Paris, Assistant Professor of Bible

B.A., M.A., M.Div., Cincinnati Christian University; doctoral studies, Liberty University.

Dr. Terry L. Peer, Professor of Bible & Professional Studies

B.S.L., Bluefield College of Evangelism; M.A., Cincinnati Christian University; D.Min., Southwest Bible Seminary.

Anthony Sweeney, Adjunct

A.S.L., B.A., M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; doctoral studies, Trinity International Seminary.