LBC Administration

Tommy W. Mobley, President

B.S., Graduate Work, Cincinnati Christian University; M.R.E., D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Kentucky Southern College, University of Louisville; Louisville Bible College.

Larry G. Oetzel, Vice-President Emeritus (Acting Bursar)

B.S.L., Th.M., Louisville Bible College; Eastern Kentucky University.

Jason A. Anderson, Registrar

A.S.L., B.S.L., M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.Div., Cincinnati Christian University; D.Min., Amridge University; Northern Kentucky University.

John D. Merritt, Library Consultant

B.A., Flagler College; B.S., Bluefield College of Evangelism; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.S.L.S., University of Kentucky; Cincinnati Christian University.

Alice F. Mobley, Dean of Students

B.S.L., College of the Scriptures; Diploma, House of James Beauty College; Cincinnati Christian University.

Dana M. Edlin, Administrative Assistant for Finance

Sullivan Univeristy