Spring 2024

OH9:30 AM-11:40 AMPMI 231/251Short-term MissionsMr. Bowyer2
OL12:30 PM-2:40 PMBNT 222/512Harmony of the Gospels 2Dr. Capps2
OL3:00 PM-5:10 PMPCM 235/535Gospel ConversationsMr. Cole2
OH6:00 PM-8:10 PMBNT 110New Testament Survey Mr. Collings2
OH9:30AM- 11:40AMBNT 231Early Church History II: Acts 13-28Mr. Sullivan2
OH12:30PM-2:40PMGEN 227/527Dynamics of CommunicationMr. Sullivan2
OH3:30 PM-5:40PMGHI 223/523Restoration History Principles and Current TrendsDr. Peer2
OH6:00 PM-8:10 PMBAP 312/512Christian Evidences IIMr. Schulz2
OL10:00AM-12:10PMBOT 310/510Leadership From NehemiahMr. W. Allen2
OL12:30PM-2:40 PMPCE 450/650Philosophy of EducationDr. Sweeney2
OL3:00 PM-5:10 PMGEN 235/535Literature of Restoration MovementDr. J Anderson2
OH9:30AM-11:40AMPCM 395/595Sermon Preaching PracticumMr. K. Allen2
OH12:30PM-2:40PMBTH 332/532Biblical Theology IIDr. Peer2
OL5:30 PM-7:35 PMGEN 113English Research Methodology and ToolsMr. B. Anderson2
OH7:40 PM-9:50 PMBGB 230/530Historical Geography: Lands of the BibleDr. Bertram2

Room Guide: OH – Omer Hall TR – Trueblood Room GR-Gray Room OL-Online